Business Deposit

Fast track your business growth with a fully digital bank account that lets you do FREE transfers via PesoNet and earns 1.5% interest. When you can earn up to 4x higher interest than the average bank making the switch is easy.

Fast -track your

Incredible Interest

The highest business deposit interest rate in the Philippines at 1.5%—up to 4x than the average bank

Quick Transfer

Send money to your partners and suppliers for FREE via PesoNet


No minimum balance required

Keep your business
transactions quick and secure

All-in-one payment

Skip the hassle and pay multiple suppliers all in one go.

Efficient and Secure

Assign maker, checker, and approver to keep your transactions secure

*Currently only available to select Maya Business Manager merchants

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Maya Business Deposit is a fully digital deposit product available to business clients of Maya Bank. It simplifies the financial management of a business by having a single account, which can accomplish the following: receive sales revenues, transfer funds within Maya Bank and other banks or e-wallets via PESONet, and disburse payroll and benefits payments to employees.

It also allows businesses to earn interest on funds kept in the Maya Bank Business Deposit account at 1.5% interest rate that is higher than those offered by other banks for business accounts.

Maya Business Deposit accounts earn an interest of 1.5% each year.

Here's a sample monthly interest computation:

Monthly Average Daily Balance: PHP 100,000
Interest (Monthly Average Daily Balance*1.5%*31Days/365): PHP127.40
Withholding Tax: PHP25.48
Ending Balance : PHP100,101.92

Changes on interest rates will be announced and will take effect immediately.

Earned interest will be credited to your Maya Business Deposit account at the beginning of each month subject to applicable taxes.
Maya Business Deposits is currently only available to select PayMaya Business Manager merchants. We're working on making this available to all our merchants soon!

Switch your settlement account to Maya Business Deposit in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Maya Business Manager account at
  2. On the top part of the screen, click Convert to Business Deposit icon.
  3. Simply follow the instructions and submit the requirements.

Your account will be activated in 3 business days provided that you have completed the requirements. The available balance in your PayMaya Enterprise Wallet will be transferred soon after.

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